Now you can make an email account right from your Nokia handset, as the company has announced the launch of another nice email account feature named Ovi.

Now the beta version of this new PC free email account service is available for public use and it will allow Nokia users to make their new -mail account without even touching their computers and just with their Nokia handsets.

According the Finns’ claims, this new service is able to sidestep a computer totally, and still it manages to bring the similar functions as you can see most of email systems.

Ovi has been featured for nearly 10 languages and nearly 105m people will be able to make the most of it.

Nokia’s senior executive, Tom Furlong says in this connection: “The new service will help to develop a mindset shift in mobile emailing.  This is the first service of its kind that will help users to make their email account direct from their mobile phones.”

“The service helps users to create a direct email account instead of developing it from their PCs and then use it on their handsets that we can see in many well-known and most advanced handsets of nowadays.”

“The service will allow users to directly use their handsets for creating e-mail accounts from their handsets and they deserve this tool as digital natives of cell phones.”

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