Palm PreMany gadget freaks classified Palm Pre as a smart phone made to compete against the Apple’s iPhone. Well actually, there are really a lot of similarities of features of Palm Pre and iPhone but since Palm Pre came up just recently, surely this smart phone had a lot more features to offer.

Palm Pre is the latest smart phone of the Palm series. It just got out recently and in just a short period of time, it already been the talks of the gadget world.

The main features of this phone are it has a comfortable touch screen features and the use QWERTY keyboard in a slide concept. Palm Pre has also has built-in 3 MP camera, wifi ready, stereo Bluetooth and a GPS. Just what I always wanted to every smart phone, this phone also had a built-in memory capacity of whooping 8 GB, now that’s what I call smart phone.

So what makes Palm Pre smart phone any difference?

It’s the web based operating system that runs to this phone’s vain. Palm Pre smart phone introduce a new develop web based OS that is designed to let its users to easily browse the internet.

Smart Phone

This really works well with Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista 32-bit and Mac OS X but experts says that there maybe future incompatible possibilities of this phone OS with Windows 7 for it is not included in this phone’s system requirements.

Palm pre also has an interesting wireless battery charging feature as well.

Source: engadget

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