PayPal stop the progress of Personal Payment Transactions From And To India

PayPal is an online Payment facility website that is offering services for you to send and receive money. It is offered for both Personal and Business use. PayPal has been reported not working properly in India, in respect to Send / receive the payments. There is eBay user, whose electronic payment has been blocked due to the personal transaction to or from several user’s accounts in India.


According to PayPal reports, they are only avoiding the personal payment in or from India, but not the business transactions. In this case, the payments made to as personal will be reversed to the account. And the deal in between the supplier and the buyer will not be matured.

Some people are saying that it is yet confirmed that the personal payments to and from India has been terminated from the PayPal services; the issue has made several businessmen in and with India, which payments to be made or in what shape. Let’s wait and see what PayPal has to finally disclose to settle down the issue.

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