Pingdom Says People Are Tweeting 27 Million Times A Day

TweetsYou would be surprised to know that despite Twitter finding it difficult to get new users in the US, an average of 27.3 million users in the US are putting out the majority of the Tweets. Pingdom has given us data that suggests that the pattern of Tweets is according to the waking hours of people in the US. However, comScore data says that almost 50% of the Twitter users are situated outside the US.

This data only represents a small part of the Twitter activity between October 21 and November 11, but it proves that the number of Tweets being sent out is massive. In fact, estimate show that the average number of Tweets per hour is 1.1 million, with fluctuations between 567,000 and 1.8 million Tweets per hour over the period Pingdom sampled the public timeline of Twitter. 10 billion Tweets are currently being sent out, and just last month marked the 5 billionth Tweet.

Yahoo recently gave out reports that suggested the same number of status updates from Yahoo Mail and Messenger, which has five times the number of users. However, Tweets don’t compare to email, as Yahoo members send out 100 billion emails just in a month!

Someday people may send more Tweets than emails!

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