PlayStation 5 gets voice control with new beta software

Sony has announced another beta release of updated software for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles. Users who participate in the testing program PS5, the first opportunity to evaluate the updates group chats, new interface settings and even the ability to control the console with voice commands.

Judging by the Sony blog, consoles like smartphones or smart speakers will be able to respond to the command "Hey PlayStation!" to search and launch games and apps, as well as control playback of videos or soundtracks. If the virtual assistant is not needed, it can be turned off in the settings. At the first stage, voice commands will only be available in English to users in the U.S. and the UK.


Play Station 5
Image source: Sony


Changes will also affect the voice chats. From now on they will be called "parties" (literally - "teams", "party") and the administrator will be able to decide which of the chats, like a real party, is open to all, and which - only for friends by invitation. For now, however, the feature will be available in any case only to members of the beta program.

Play Station 5 Software
Image source: Sony


Supported and other new features, such as the ability to store certain games or applications on the home screen, there are other useful additions. The full list can be found on the blog team PlayStation.

Today users, whose participation in the program is approved, will receive letters from Sony. The same goes for the beta version of the new firmware for the PlayStation 4, which has noticeably fewer new features. For example, will be added the ability to control the volume of each of the players in the chat, similar to the PS5.

 Play Station 5 software
Image source: Sony


Of course, in the proposal Sony also has the traditional warnings about possible bugs, typical for most beta versions. According to the company later this year, software updates for PS5 and PS4 will be available to console users around the world.

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