AOL has just launched its new political news and blog site named, according to AOL the new site will definitely add great twist in old-fashioned political reporting. Opposing to breaking news, the site will offer insight to the current political situation in the US through long form analysis and provide original content in blog posts related to the current issues of the US politics.

Melinda Henneberger, the correspondent of the New York Times Washington, will lead the new site that has been created to put in-depth political analysis together with a current digital medium.

AOL senior vice president, Martin Moe and new MediaGlow division are behind the creation of the site. MediaGlow has been producing new brands content for AOL and recently they have launched a topic directory known as

The new site will serve as AOL new network part that has seen nearly 27m unique visitors during the last month.

For its new venture, AOL is developing a dream team of renowned journalists in the field of politics that belong to new as well as old media. Walter Shapiro, Jill Lawrence, Carl Cannon and Lynn Sweet are some of these big names.

PoliticsDaily will include blogs on political issues related to women, students and other routine political issues. Woman Up, The Cram and the Daily FLOTUS are some of these blogs that PoliticsDaily is going to add.

Source: AOL Launches Online “News Magazine” PoliticsDaily