Pre-order pricing for Nokia N97 flagship device

At last the Nokia shop has offered a pre-order price for the Nokia N97 and there is no more long build-ups for the release of a mobile phone.

Those who don’t like to tie themselves down under some long standing contracts, Nokia is offering their coming flagship handset in £499 without any SIM.

Though Nokia hasn’t confirmed any sales date and availability for operators yet, however, according to many retailers the phone will be stocked quite soon.  Carphone Warehouse has revealed that it’s going to make a deal with O2 to stock the phone from the next month. Phones4u also says that the phone will hit its shelves by the end of the next month.

This is the latest touchscreen smartphone device from Nokia and it will also available with the access to much mooted Ovi app store. The store is offering an array of applications to the Nokia users and according to Forbes prediction; nearly 20,000 items will be available at the time of its launch.

People, who are quite anxious about how it looks and can’t wait till June, some glimpses of the device have been got at CES and they can relish their sense-buds from these images.

Source: techradar

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