Nokia NetbookThere had been a lot of speculation about the pricing of its 1st Netbook with Nokia’s intention for releasing it this year. The high end Netbook recently released through Nokia has some of the greatest features of all times. It comes with highlighted music, photos and multimedia services that will bring you a lot of pleasure.

You will have lifecasting as well as social networking fun. The specialized offer with deal between Nokia and Facebook makes it easy for you to share some of the greatest possible special features when you are using this Netbook.

The Booklet 3G from Nokia is also all about the unveiling through last week’s shipping. The prices are being set through subsidies and tax plans being on the roll. The decisions have finally been met with the mini laptop pricing and shipping charges.


There is also the incorporation of Microsoft Corp’s Windows 7 coming along with this system. The netbooks are expected to hit the shelves in October. The Booklet 3G has been decided to be priced at 575 eruo or $818 without any subsides or in lieu taxes or even shipping charges.

Source: online.wsj

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