Google apart from its various services has also stepped in to selling e books, becoming a major rival for Amazon. Google has happened to have had discussions with the publishers at the annul BookExpo convention in New York last weekend. Google has shown interest towards the e-book market which is being dominated by Amazon. In its discussion with the publishers, Google has offered to set their own consumer prices for the digital version of their books which is normally set at $9.99 by Amazon.

So, the publishers who had concerns about the aggressive pricing strategy of Amazon have welcomed Google’s offer. Thus it appears to be a major setback for Amazon. But by selling e-books at $9.99 for a hard-cover worth $26, Amazon seems to incur some loss as the prices set by them is lesser than the general prices set by the publishers for the book sellers which would be half the price of hardcover, typically around $13 or $14.

Though such plans taken up by Google didn’t go well, Tom Turvey, director of strategic partnerships at Google, has added the phrase “This time we mean it.” in a presentation at the BookExpo. It seems like Google has already scanned millions of books from several university libraries and a majority of which are out of print. It looks like Google has a separated the settlement for the publishers from its e-book retail program.

Source: news.cnet