iTunes Preview

Everyone knows about iTunes, we are all somehow using it and having an association with it, whether due to its benefits or the things it does. What would happen when you give a link of iTunes page to your friend or someone you like to view it, it will put him on downloading the free software named as iTunes.

Apple the Global Giant has launched iTunes preview, you can view from your browser, what is available on list, so you can get to it. It is not limited to any browser or its version, it is accessible even from the Internet Explorer 6.0 to any region.


The iTunes preview is accessible in two ways, you can log in through the iTunes Chart on the official website of Apple or a link can be produced from the iTunes Store.

You can‘t listen the previews being outside of iTunes, there is a big ad is also placed on the top of the page to let you remind that you should install iTunes in order to test sample or when purchasing music you like.

At the moment, only music is available here on iTunes, but seeing on the other side, the growth level in future may allow you for latest and old libraries of Movies, Shows and the App store.