BenQ and Texas Instrument believe that embedded mobile projectors are near to find their way into the consumer electronics.

Texas Instrument has developed Pico projection technology that will help to pave a way for in-built projectors into different devices like mobile phones.

The said technology will not only be used in the phone world, but also in many other gadgets.

Texas Instruments’ Lars Yoder (VP for DLP Front Projection Products) and BenQ’s Business Development Director, Bo Cramer told in an interview that they both were excited about where projector technology was moving.

“At the moment, there are many emerging markets that looking for it and soon will find projectors in cell phones, laptops and digital cameras,” said TI’s Yoder.

“There are many possibilities that projectors will also be used in lobbies and hotels in Emergency Exit signs.”

Cramer is quite excited regarding variety of products that would use this projector technology, but he was more specific about BenQ products where this Pico projection technology will be seen.

Though BenQ is working for the development of devices that will use thus Pico projector technology, we may have to wait for many years to see the devices with such technology.

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