Sony is quite habitual to keep talking about its games consoles and we know well why, as the business of selling gaming hardware depends a lot on projecting confidence and inspiring gamers to invest in a specific platform.

Though there was news that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 had outclassed the PS3 in the major battle ground of Japanese market, Jack Tretton from Sony said that PSP sales were way ahead of target.


Tretton added, “Sales of the PS3 models are almost 30% ahead of what we were expecting.”
Tretton says that he thinks that the addition of a Blu-ray player in the PS3 and its reasonable price in the economic hard times make a good prospect.

“Now people think and go to question every dollar they spend aside from looking for value in return. In PlayStation 3, the entertainment value can be compared to other favorable entertainment choices.”

If compared to many other available consoles, PS3 may be expensive but it keeps you stuck in front of the telly and promises a memorable gaming experience to the users who like real gaming of the unreal world.