Sony Computer Entertainment has upgraded the v2.60 firmware for the PS3 that is due tomorrow.

A blurb on the US PlayStation blog explains that an updated v2.60firmware with loads of new features will soon be made available.

This new upgrade is replete with some boasting features, but its new Photo Gallery (A 100MB downloadable application) is being considered its main feature. This new application offers some nice tools to organize and view images in a nice way.

It will allow you to sort digital photos in many different ways, as you can sort these photos by colors number of included people in photos, ages as well as their facial expression like smiles, weeping and other.

It will also allow you to combine different sorts to have a smaller range of these various images like Kids with Similes shot in June 08 etc. It doesn’t seem to affect the playlist and existing slideshow features.

PlayStation Store guest access is another nice addition with this upgrade, this feature will allow you to browse all that stuff that you can buy or can’t buy. Similarly, it also offers support for DivX video playback that serves in a nice way to relive funny moments of home videos.

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