killingafcom-logoThe nicest and the most exciting part of the World of Warcraft is undoubtedly PvP combat. Is there anything that can be funnier than to work together with your teammates and if you are winning, you become somewhat addicted to it with the feel of your thrill and excitement.

If you are really serious about success and don’t want to lose at any cost, you can learn a lot from this nice warhammer blog that will tell you each and everything about how to win Tor Anroc scenario.

Most of the players find it difficult when they start PvP combat and battlegrounds as player versus player situation. It becomes quite difficult to remember a lot of things and you have to spend your most of time as dead.

No matter whether you are new or have spent enough time on this game, even you can forget some of its fundamentals. Every PvP and World of Watchcraft gamer must know about the three basic tactics of when playing these games.


Your first and foremost step is to heal yourself. You may want to take the enemy out with brutal efficiency while assigning a healer to keep you alive. But when you are in crisis and just want to keep yourself alive in mere seconds.

You can use all the mana of the healer if it’s helping someone else and you are going to count on it again and again.


Secondly, you need to learn how you can create macros and try to use it for your important actions. When you are in the trap of enemies and life is just depending on a thin line, speed is the real thing that will make a difference. With your specific abilities and spells you can leg up on other players who are not acting together like you.

The third thing that you must keep in mind is to learn how you can defend and attack at this point catch up can really cause problems for you.

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