radiusearphonesThere is a contest going on at Crunch Gear for winning a pair of Radius Atomic Bass Ear phones. These ear phones are rated as one of the best available in-ear head phones.

Though the manufacturer states that these ear phones are made for iPhone only, but the fact is that one can use this pair with almost anything that has a 3.5mm jack.

This contest is so simple; the participants only have to submit a comment to the post which announces the contest, and the winner will be chosen from amongst those participants who commented on the post. Winner will be chosen and announced on the coming Monday.

Already, a lot of participants have commented on the post in order to get a chance of winning such cool head phones.

Now let us talk about these ear phones. These ear phones have been designed for utmost fidelity sound, in ear noise remoteness and comfortable ergonomic perfection. The name suggests how awesome the experience with these ear phones will be.

Before buying or getting something, one must read authentic reviews about the specific product. Reviews about this pair of ear phones state that it is one of the best and efficient in ear speakers, and is mush more reliable than other gaudy and stylish looking ones.

Latter are much pricier than these, almost thrice. So, you must not go for the more costly object while shopping as all that glitters is not gold. The mini microphone also adds to the beauty and perfection of this pair of earphones. So what are you waiting for? Go on and place your comment to get a chance to win this awesome little tool.

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