milk-for-gmail_logoIt allows users to turn their brimming Gmail inbox into a supportive to do list that connects errands with contacts and messages in a sublime way.

The things are done instantly and emails get impressively and precisely answered as well.

It would profit from different keyboards shortcuts, access to various item notes expressly and with some refinements as well.

So, with this firefox extension you will not only able to edit, complete and postpone your tasks, but you can also add some new tasks like emails, contacts and calendar events.

How to install
Remember The Milk for Gmail is quite easy to install, but you have to close all opened Firefox windows after installing this extension and you need to restart the browser. Now it’s time to see your Gmail account and you would find the extension there.

As it’s an .xpi extension, it’s available for Mozilla Firefox. But for some other browsers, an option has been provided in Gmail Labs.


How can I mange my tasks?
Once you have installed the extension, you would find a tasks pane at the very right of your Gmail box. The appeared tasks can be customized and allows you to decide the way you want to group or sort your tasks. It’s quite easy to add some new tasks, as all you need to do is to add some new tasks in the given box.

You can easily include new tasks as well as tags. Similarly, if you want to complete, delete, postpone, edit or view some details about the tasks just by moving over some task list.


How can I connect tasks with my email?
Let’s suppose you want to follow up some email or it has some task that you want to remember. You can star or label this message with “To Do”. When some message is labeled or marked with a star, RTM is able to develop a task automatically.

If you want to change the settings for different features, you need to go to the Settings menu in Gmail and then have to click on Tasks. It also allows you to create a task from some email just by selecting Create task from the More Actions dropdown.


Connecting tasks with Google Calendar
You have to check your calendar when marking some due date, when Remember The Milk detects that you are including some task related to some event in your calendar, it talks to Google Calendar and automatically finds out when this task is due.

The good, the bad and the normal
In short, Remember the Milk included some nice and amazing task management dexterities in Gmail. It allows you to easily connect tasks to your emails, contacts and Google calendar dates. All these are makes it a nice addition in Gmail Lab.

But it has some which can be reckoned normal or somewhat bad, as it doesn’t add keyboard shortcuts. You can’t access or edit task notes in direct way.

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