Researchers develop new hydrogen storage system for autos

issam-mudawarA new hydrogen storage system for autos has just been developed by researchers that will make fill up some car’s fuel tank with hydrogen enough to cover 300 miles only in five minutes.

One of the biggest hurdles in developing functional and practical electric cars is to store hydrogen in a quick and safe way.

To absorb the capricious hydrogen gas in metal hydride power at higher pressure is considered safe, but a large quantity of heat produces because of this process.

According to Professor Issam Mudawar, who led the study, “With this new technology, the fuel tank can be filled in just 40 minutes without cooling it and it looks quite impractical”


Professor Issam Mudawar and team have developed a new exchanger for heat that will circulate coolant via tubes and using fins to decrease the heat that generates in this procedure.

“The new development will definitely pave the way for some really practical hydrogen storage systems on-board that one can change quite often in the similar way as is done to charge some gasoline tank,” Isaam adds.

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