tv_iconAccording to results of a new study, a considerable change in the viewing habits of UK viewers is expected in the coming days. The researchers are predicting that the people who are watching traditional TV these days will prefer to video on demands.

This survey from Coda Research Consultancy on behavioral and market research project offered somewhat expected results but the figures which have been predicted definitely need to be repeated.

According to Coda Video on Demand services will swarm up to four fold via PCs as well as on-demand TV services, while there will be 15% decline in the live TV viewing.

Coda also says that those people who have VOD access will impact PVR viewing by more than 30 to 40 percent.
In this study, the impact of BBC coming video on demand project is being expected to deeply influence people TV viewing behavior in the UK. In the US, it’s rival service is expected to arrive in 2010.


Growth in piracy is another prediction that has been highlighted in this study, so right owners will have to closely work with service providers to open current and achieve broadcast.


Dr. Steven Smith, director of this Coda project says, “Overall ad revenues will considerably increase if Project Canvas gets passed and an ad aggregator in launched during the next 12 months.”

“But if it they are not released, we can still predict a considerable reduction in the revenues of TV ads”

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