LG BL40Having already hit stores in the European market during mid-September, the LG BL40 Chocolate phone, an enigmatic successor to headline grabbing LG Shine, Secret and Chocolate, fully deserves the hype it received.

The first thing about the phone that catches your eye is that it is astonishingly sleek and with the 4 inch, 21:9 aspect ratio (unheard of in mobile phones) screen, this definitely has to be one of the most unusual cell phones we have reviewed this year.

Some specifications:

  • It supports quad band GSM, dual band UMTS, Class 10 EDGE, and HSDPA.
  • It has 1GB of internal memory which can be expanded thanks to the MicroSD card slot.
  • It supports WI-FI, Bluetooth with A2DP support, a standard USB port for data transfer etc, Assisted GPS capabilities, and a standard 3.55mm audio jack.

Construction and Design:

The phone comes with very few hardware buttons and they do a good job of blending with the overall style of the phone. The lock or power button on the top seems a little too prominent for my liking but it is still the most used button of the phone.

The best part about the phone is its 4 inch display. It’s a real treat to experience and the touch screen is right up there among the very best as it registers even the slightest taps. The front panel consists of the earpiece, ambient and proximity light sensors and the video call camera. Since, the sensors and camera are not that noticeable, the only thing that stands out in the front is the screen.

The User Interface (UI):

LG’s S-Class User interface has already garnered a fairly decent reputation. The home screen layout’s base still lies with the Cube interface. The 3D Cube’s four faces correspond to four different home screens which is something we have come to expect from the S-Class UI. Thankfully, LG has done away with the impractical Multimedia home screen and has replaced it with a Browser. Here, quick shortcuts can be assigned, a feature most notably derived from the iPhone.


Quite obviously, the phone has an onscreen alphanumeric keypad that can be viewed both in portrait and landscape orientation. However, the big difference with this phone compared to older similar LG phones is the size of the QWERTY keys. This makes typing so much easier and pop ups of each character appear after you tap it, again seen in the iPhone.

The email client has been overhauled. When viewing in normal orientation, it is just the same as previous versions. However, tilting it to landscape mode gives you a much more user friendly interface to work with. On the right hand side, you can read your mails while on the left, you can see the message headers.

Media capabilities:

There is not much change with regard to the music player. However, the video player has undergone a complete overhaul. It has Dolby mobile Capabilities, DivX playback capabilities and even a TV-OUT port!

The LG BL40 sports an impressive 5 megapixel camera equipped with an LED flash and Schneider-Kreuznach lens. Its maximum photo resolution is 2560×1920 and has image stabilization, face tracking, smile detection, geo-tagging and blink detection.


The LG BL40 has a stunning display and can easily be considered one of the best touch screen phones thanks to its impressive user interface. Thanks to a more customizable and refined UI, top notch video playback support and an impressive music player, this is one phone LG fans or others can’t afford to miss.

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