By making its five million songs index available without electronic devices limitations on playback and letting free previews of complete songs, the well-known music download service Rhapsody is in a vigorous contest against Apple’s iTunes. In its announcement on Monday, Rhapsody together with RealNetworks and MTV Networks has become the latest digital music service to finish off D.R.M or digital rights management that doesn’t allow users to make unauthorized copies of songs and also recommends the specific electronic devices to be used for listening songs. D.R.M has been used by Apple from the time when it started selling music on iTunes five years back.

D.R.M has been providing 30 seconds song previews, but, many other big download services like Napster, Wal-Mart, eMusic and have been sold music without any limitations. Rhapsody also announces that Verizon’s V Cast service users can also enjoy songs from Rhapsody with their cellphones.

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