Ricoh has just uncovered its latest CMOS compact CX1 that’s been awesomely packed with some nice imaging technologies.

Ricoh claims that it really makes a difference with its slim build that unlike most of compact cameras feature a great treasure of the latest techs including CMOS sensor.

The sensor is usually found in prosumer and DSLR cameras and it seems the CX1 will carry a gentle 9MP, but to offer an outstanding images quality. It will also house the Smooth Imagine Engine IV to give you a real nice shooting experience.

A Fast Shot mode that enables you to have 120 shots in a second is another nice feature of the compact.

It also has a Dynamic Range Double Shot Mode that allows you to take two images at varied exposure. It can boost dynamic range over 12 stops. With its Multi-Target Auto Focus option, you can get as many as seven images of the similar object at varying focus point. You can also transpose these photos in Photoshop to get your photos in nice focus.

The white balance options of the CX1 are quite all-embracing especially for those who love tweaking photos manually. It has a Multi Target Auto Focus that will allow users to white balance some areas of an image. The CX1 will hit the shelves in next month with £299.99 price tag.

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