The Japanese robot maker Tmsuk, revealed its new robot T-34, which will be used for security watch. Costing around 500,000 Japanese Yen and 4,100 pounds, the robot will be available in the first quarter of the next year.

Technically speaking, it is not an innovation in the robot industry as such robots are already there in the market.

The differentiating feature of this robot is that it can be controlled and monitored through a mobile set, instead of a remote control, as the rest of the robots are. Another function that is being thought as a ludicrous one is its net throwing.

The T-34 is designed to throw a net over the suspicious person and capturing him. Regardless of the impression T-34 is generating, it is thought by Tmsuk that it will be a challenge for human guards.

He also thinks that the success of this robot will be high enough to escort prisoners in court.

T-34 is designed with two video cameras installed in the eye pits with a mobile CCTV system. It can patrol the buildings on a speed of 10 km/h to provide ultimate security levels.

There are many buildings which are installed with CCTV monitoring security systems, yet none of them provide an on spot suspect capturing facility.

This robot has been designed with an idea of extra security measures in the buildings.  Regardless of the idea behind the product, it looks like an expensive deal. It can be a successful security measure if it is offered in an affordable price.

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