BlackBerry Bold…The date of BlackBerry Bold release was suggested as 25th July as there were reports about Corey’s tip. And now according to the new and somewhat differing information, Rogers will shoot a press release that announces the Bold’s availability and bold-up opening for its dealers. And in the following week expectedly on 29th July customers will have access to it. Many people still hoping to get their hands on a working BlackBerry before July 25th but it is only coming time that will unfold it.


BlackBerry KickStart… There is no word about BlackBerry KickStart availability date but Rogers is talking about mid/late September.


BlackBerry Javelin… The Christmas and the BlackBerry Javelin will come together this year as it is expected to be available till end of November or during early December. It seems that Javelin may prove a substitute to the BlackBerry Curve as Rogers is looking to keep Bold as well as the Javelin confirm.


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