How can rubies be saved on rails? Especially in the days when online world is serving as a safe heaven for hackers and crackers who often seem to challenge the authority of security engineers of some high profile site when and where they like.

Now is their new victim, as some hacker got its domain hold carelessly put a page there with loads of ads. But were they real hackers or mere competitors?

The former owner of the site seems quite well-aware of the whole problem and it can’t be reckoned a simple issue of forgetting the renewal of the domain.

While, 19 April 2004 was the real registration date for the domain and it indicates towards the right time of its expiry. So, nothing can be said with certainty that it was a real hack or just an oversight.

Previously, the creator of the site David Heinemeier has been heard saying that: the registration service seem to fuck again up by parking the domain name.

But the moot question is why there rumors circulating about the hack of the site? Anyway, it wouldn’t be a skeleton in a closet for long.

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