Rules for completing the CV section: Duties and achievements

We recommend following a number of rules to fill in the CV section competently. However, if you do not have the time or knowledge to write a CV, you should use a writing resume service.

Purpose and focus of the statement

The main purpose is to clearly show the potential supervisor that you are the best person for the job and that you can add the most value to the company. There is no point in detailing what you did at your previous job if you have decided to change your profile. Also, do not emphasise skills which may not be useful in the new job. It is better to focus on the aspects of your professional activity that are useful for a new employer. Thus, in the resume of a specialist economist, CFO applicant is useful to focus not on the calculation of production costs or rationing of labor, and to reflect issues related to financial control and analysis, its management activities.

Do not put in generalities

Highlight specific (numerical) performance parameters. For example, to reflect a manager's success in working with clients, instead of stating "attracted clients", you should write "added 25 new clients in 2 months".

Conciseness and clarity

It would be an obvious mistake to copy the entire job description, it is enough to focus on the key points. This will allow you to correctly show the range of responsibilities and will not bore the employer when reading the resume. For example, for purchasing managers it will be enough to note: selected profitable partners, reviewed and evaluated various price options, dealt with the documentation of transactions.

Dedicate 50% of the document to achievements and 50% of the document to responsibilities

Each of these should be balanced by relevant performance outcomes, which will present you as a worthwhile employee. For sales managers, it would look something like this:

  • in the area of expanding the customer base, increased the number of profitable partners by half by introducing a streamlined and new discount system;
  • organised an additional channel to increase sales, resulting in a 30% increase in merchandise sales.

Effective use of verbs

This allows you to focus on the fact that a concrete positive result has been achieved through your personal efforts. Activities are described most vividly and business-like with perfect verbs (created, performed, etc.) - they "shade" the merits.

The imperfect verbs (respon sive, participated, etc.) reflect duties and functions to a greater extent, but not achievements. For example, instead of the typical statement of fact - "reduced production costs", it is better to write - "reduced production costs by 25%". In addition, it is worth noting the ways and means of this reduction.

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