Galaxy i7500

After, HTC it’s Samsung “newGalaxy which make entry to Android game. Without any argument it’s really a feature-rich phone.

This stylish cell phone is known for three main features.

  1. Extremely Slim: which makes it elegant and stylish at maximum, and it is just 11.9mm thick.
  2. It weighs only 116 gm.
  3. Reasonable Screen Display: although the screen is not too large but good enough for chassis. Moreover the screen is having latest OLED Technology that ensures vivid, clear and bright display.

It has many similarities with that of Samsung jet- layout spring like response and to some extent over all look is same as well. The phone is balanced nicely with haptic feedback device.

The arrangement of the key pad is designed in a different manner. Totally different from the Android phones we are using. The trackball is replaced by a huge D-pad having Ok button almost in the centre which makes the home key to adjust tightly between back buttons and terminate.


Androids are still considered one of the most users’ friendly devices, as the design supports less time consumption in reaching the D-pad. There is less space between letters makes testing simple, quicker and easier.

This model will be appreciated if Samsung gives users a large home button and squeeze D-pad towards down. The following points highlight its importance more clearly.

Up / down keys are at the left side of the phone which control volume almost in every phone these days. It disturbs the users when he want to fine tune the things such as screen brightness etc. every time it’s inconvenient to use touch screen slide bar.

The topside of the phone is having spaces for 3.5mm head jack next to it is easy-to-open micro USB port. The placement of headphone port is great and never disturbs the listener when in pocket.

At the right side facing of the phone lock and camera shutter occupies the space. But the lock keys button is quiet small in size, thus irritating for users to some extent. A camera shutter is well placed and designed with an excellent press for automatic focus. There is no front facing video camera unlike current Android OS.

Overall its marked as a stylish slim light weight phone with a width of 56mm making it pocket friendly as well as fits nicely in hand.


Photo by louisvolant

Photo by louisvolant

The box includes a set of tools manufactured by O2, but the case seems strange

  • A set of 3.5 headphones
  • Samsung new PC Studio CD connects with your own computer.
  • A micro USB charger
  • USB connection lead
  • User manual and phone, it’s all in the box of Samsung Galaxy i7500 contains in total.

A phone costs £240, so should desire to have a solid well composed box excellent packaging with phone and its tools.