Samsung has just officially launched the new Classic series of Omnia Pro series phones

Samsung is one of the most famous and high quality mobile phone companies that manufacture some of the high quality and most classic mobile phones. Today, In Singapore, Samsung just launched its brand new and high profile series of mobile phones and it includes 4 stylish phones.

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The first of the mobile phones launched in the ceremony was the most classic B7610, this set is also called or known as the Omnia pro, and the second most classic one launched is the Blackberry-a-like B7320, this set is also known or called as Jackie.

Omnia pro is the most hottest and the most stylish series from Samsung and it is not just like having only a single high profile set under one category, therefore, Samsung has extended the series and introduced more sets under this category and has relay made this Omnia pro series one of the most classic, hottest and stylish series. Both the above mentioned sets are a step of extending the series under the Omnia pro label name.

The B7610 handset is a very stylish looking slide-out QWERTY keypad along with the very high quality 5.1MP camera with the extra features of autofocus. It has also a very powerful 800MHz processor.

The B7320 is a blackberry looking set which also a very beautiful QUERTY Keyboard and a very stylish widescreen display. This high profile set comes with a Windows Mobile 6.1 OS with skinning. All in all, the launch ceremony of the new Samsung Omnia pro series was a great success.

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