Samsung NC 10 Netbook PC

Samsung NC 10 netbook comes with a CPU that comprises an Intel Atom tm Processor N270 1.6GHz. Swift speed, light in weight laptop gives you the opportunity to surf the net, chat, message, mail and undergo various tasks.

You can also enjoy watching movies, video chat, photo viewing and a lot more. It originally comes with 1 GB of RAM with a capacity to upgrade into 2 GB, giving you a pleasurable speedy experience. Easy internet access is possible because of the 1.6GHz processor.

With this speed you can enjoy quick system boot up. Also, a quick access of your stored data is possible at this speed.

It can easily be taken any where to work on; the light weight of this netbook is a ‘no problem’ work station for you to cherish. With just 2.8 lbs i.e. 1.33 kg, NC 10 is an obedient worker. The key board is a 93 percent full- sized key board. Its keys are coated with a special germ protection coating allowing o work in any environment without any fear.

Samsung NC 10 comes with a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), which allows a clear and flawless image display. The screen is 10.2 inches wide with a SuperBright© display that has a superb 1024×600 WSVGA resolution on which you can enjoy any video with a pleasant experience.

Vibrant, sharp and bright picture is easy to view with its anti-glare finish. These specifications help the picture from blurring and damaging the eye. Most of the eye problems beginning from faulty and substandard screens viewed for long hours, but this new combination of specification prevents your eyes from any kind of damage.

You get a big storage area of 160GB Hard Drive (2.5 inches 5400 PRM) SATA in it. On this large area you can easily store your personal pictures, big files, music videos and much more. This storage area saves you from saving stuff on net, without giving you any kind of trouble.

Now you don’t have to worry for the power supplies while travelling. NC 10 comes with a 6 cell Lithium battery, with a capacity to work continuously for 6 hours, or more.

It is well built equipment that comes in an affordable price of $469.99. This netbook also features Bluetooth, Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g. Memory card compatibility is MMC, SD, SDH. It comes with genuine Windows XP Home SP3.

Accessories that you can enjoy with it are numerous such as External DVD RW +/- Dual Layer Drive, Auto Power Adapter, Q1 Ultra External RW, and a lot more can be found that Samsung provides you to enjoy with NC 10.

It’s an awesome netbook to work on. Be prepared to get one and enjoy.

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