A key Samsung executive has just revealed that it looks uncertain that Samsung to come with its Android cell phone at MWC.

Younghee Lee, who marketing head at Samsung Mobile, says in an interview with the Guardian that Samsung is more likely to launch its handset with Google OS in the later half of this year.

She also says that Samsung itself will design the phone instead of framing it out to some other cell phone maker. The launch of the handset has been planned for the second half of this year.

Samsung is one of those cell phone makers that belong to almost all mobile phone alliance working out there, its phone running on Windows Mobile, S60 and now Android is also expected.

Another well-known and important member of the Open Handset Alliance is LG and there are rumors that it will come with its Android handset at World Mobile Congress.

Recently, Samsung has released its new flagship smartphone, the Toccoo before the event, as rumors mill goes on the company will also bring at least one dozen other handsets to shine in the event. So what if Android is not there, Samsung has a lot of other things to make you excited.