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Android PhoneYou would be interested to know that Samsung is making its foray into Android looks, and now the i6500 Saturn is here. This, says,, is Samsung’s next Android phone after the i5700 Spica, and is apparently rather bland looking. Slides of the phone have been leaked online. It is a touch-screen only phone; there is basic home, back search and navigation keys, plus some frontal decoration. If you turn to the rear, there is “with Google” branding, but there is no camera resolution printed on the back, so one might think this is not a photo, rather a render. Because Samsung usually always puts the specifications on the phones.

People don’t see how different this phone will be from the original Galaxy, unless it has eye-catching features like 1080p playback, or even a 12 MP camera. The site also says that they have used the Galaxy2 from Samsung, which was the follow-up to the original Galaxy. The rumours going around say that this phone will have a huge 4.1 inch resistive OLED display, and the latest Android 2.1 release.

No one is yet quite sure whether this phone will grab the attention on to Samsung’s Android range.

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