Samsung to show off its 50-inch OLED in January

Emerging technologies are always exciting and the same is true about OLED, but the problem with OLED flat-panel technology is that the screen sizes are still too small.

But now there is good news, as Samsung has announced that it will debut its 50-inch TV with OLED tech next year at Consumer Electronics Show that will be held in January.

This TV will be big in picture size, but it is being told that in build it is waif-like with lean and skinny OLED technology.

Samsung looks quite dedicated to LCD tech, however, it’s timidly keeping its foot in next-gen waters.

“Samsung can make larger OLED displays and this will be demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in January when the company brings a bigger OLED TV,” says HS Kim, Samsung Vice President.

“I am quite certain that if we market it now with the price 10 times higher than the current LCD TVs, none would come to buy it especially in these conditions,” he added.

It’s a time when things are quite slow and we can’t expect a big gain for any such product, but still they need to hope for the best.

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