Samsung says that it considering speeding up its plans for the development of Android powered handset. According to Samsung, it is quite essential to stay cutting edge in the future cell phone market.

The company confirms that it will develop a phone using Google‘s operating system by the end of this year.

Considering those rumors according to which Samsung and LG have been showing models for quite sometime, it’s barely shocking for some.

“We are planning to accelerate the developing process for Android phone considering the particular requirements of local carriers,” Samsung revealed in a statement.

Samsung also confirms that Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile will serve as the carrier for their device (most probably only in the United States). However, there are no details whether this new phone have to follow the G1 on T-Mobile in UK.

Till now there is not any phone available in the UK that follows the G1 handset of T-Mobile and supports Android, but many different handsets have been confirmed and mooted in this connection.

In November last year, the Kogan Agora was named as the next phone that would support Android, but it seems that the handset has been sealed right now.

We have been hearing that Motorola will bring an Android handset during this year and similarly, we have also seen some  prototypes likes of Touch Revolution and Leveno for the past few months, but still the question is who will beat every other Android player in the market.