Samsung have been one of the busier bees at Flat Panel Display International this year, showing off a number of new technologies. But among the best of them has got to be the OLED window that lets you see through the screen.

To be fair, it’s not 100 per cent see-through (in fact only 30 per cent) but it still helps us imagine the day when we’ll be able to put a TV in a window and watch it whenever we want.

The TV achieves a luminance of 200 nits, which is a little on the dim side, but still impressive for a display that’s letting 30 per cent light through.

Look through the window

It uses four 12.1-inch displays to create the traditional window ‘look’, and each panel has a colour reproduction of 100 per cent of the NSTC standard, meaning it will have a great depth of colour.

The response time is 0.01ms, which is lightning fast in this day and age, and the resolution of 840×504 is passable if not spectacular.

Once again, this is more of a concept than a practical product, but it should be less than a decade before we start seeing homes using this type of tech, which is always exciting.

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