Digital Signage Expo

Samsung with their LED leadership at the Digital Signage Expo is creating the upcoming generation professional experience about LED displays and the lightest yet most energy efficient qualities in the market. These come to be drastically cut the cost of ownership and high end energy consumption.

Samsung Electronics has always been busy working with new breakthrough mediums in terms of bringing greater awareness in worldwide branding and professional focus of Large Format LCD screens. They have also brought such great projectors for the Digital Signage Expo that is going to bring a great LED backlit LCD screen that is going to work along with rest of the features. The 2010 APEX awards banquet is taking place at the Paris Hotel on February 24th bringing the celebration for this new item from Samsung.

Samsung is the main sponsor for the gather of the 2010 APEX awards. The new technology is an excellent way for bringing some of the real-life benefits about getting different organizations and display solutions right at one place. This new addition from Samsung brings great openings for business solutions along with superior image quality that works in harmony with the whole environment to bring along great offers.

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