The talks between Samsung and the World’s largest memory card manufacturer have come to an end after Sandisk’s refusal to Samsung’s buyout offer.

Samsung offered over £2.5bn for the buyout of the company, but according to Sandisk, the figure is no more than an opportunistic attempt to reap the benefits of SanDisk’s current stock price. SanDisk’s share shot up 52 per cent to $22.82 after the news of the deal.

Sandisk said that Samsung showed that might pay a specific premium on the $28.75 per share price recorded on May 22, 2008 and it was the time when talks really started.

On the other hand, Samsung says that the current offer of $26 per share is quite fair and full and it further says that the deal is still on.

Samsung and SanDisk are known as the biggest companies in the emerging flash memory market as SanDisk is known as one of the biggest memory card manufacturers while NAND memory is the product of Samsung.

During the past few years, the capacity of flash memory has considerably increased even up to 256GB that’s making them quite suitable for laptops and similarly in many high end mobile phones memory can be significantly expanded using memory card.