Mobile editions of SAP’s business software

According to the announcement of RIMM and SAP on Friday that they are together to make build up mobile editions of SAP’s business software functions that will run on the BlackBerry stand.


CRM application

CRM application will be the first of these Sap’s revelation and it will be joined with e-mail, address book, calendar applications of the Blackberry. According to SAP CRM application will be easily available during the next few months .Saps will reveal it at its Sapphire user meeting in Orlando, Fla., during the next week.

Sense of boredom in the announcement

It is worth mentioning here that access to SAP’s CRM via Blackberry was available even from 2004 as the companies had announced that with the unclear references about long term plans to make different SAP apps for the Blackberry even in 2004.Thats why a sense of boredom is there in that announcement too.

A little bit freshness as well

Still there is some freshness in the announcement as it demonstrates raised level of dedication to offer mobile entrée to SAP from BlackBerrys. And it is also points to many other examples of deeper incorporation among the technologies of the companies.

Integration of technologies

According to SAP this is the need of time and requirement of that partnership to develop and stick to new applications and to work with more dedication and courage as their past was quite glorious regarding integration of technologies.
Our plan is that to design these apps in such a way as the Blackberry users may be able to use them when no other networking exposure is reachable. These applications will be very similar to email service of RIM on the Blackberry.

Access business data

Another question rises in that connection is about the connivance and comfort of the business that will make it their priority to access business data through wireless networks and cell phones.

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