Apple has released an update for its remote administration tools on Thursday.

This up gradation comes with two significant changes along with many others like updated documentation, updated utilities and updated tools.

System Image Utility has also been up graded with two changes. One of the two changes is that the target computer will not have any identical local KDC files when putting a system image created using volume.

Server Admin Tools

The second up gradation is done by adding model filters for the latest Mac Book Pro, Mac Book, NetBook/NetInstall with Mac Book Air.

Also From a remote location, this up graded Server Admin Tools 10.5.6 helps the user to administer and control the Mac OS X Server.

It also repairs the problems as issues stopping Server Admin from responding when allowing permissions to a specific folder, which is residing on other than boot sector. This tool can be downloaded through: update mechanism in Mac OS X and Apple’s site.

Apple’s performance has been suspected after the CEO side lined due to his deteriorating health. Everyone around has been suspecting that Apple will soon be a history without the CEO’s absence, who has been playing his role in each and every thing from idealizing, designing, manufacturing, launching and marketing of a product. This upgrade can be a good answer to all such suspicions.