Former Hotmail or new Windows Live Hotmail is one of the most widely used free email services around the globe.

But the users around the globe were under immense commotion when it became difficult for them to access their mail accounts to get their important mails.

Many of these hotmail users felt the earth vanishing below their feet when they were told that their hotmail inbox didn’t exist, but they had to content themselves without reckoning it their system’s fault when they found that post on Windows Live Help website:

“There were some service disruptions to Windows Live ID and Hotmail that started at 8:44 PM and continued till 10:15 PM. The messaging about non-existence of inbox was incorrect and you would find your Live ID and inbox contacts intact.

We can realize how frustrating this experience was for service users, but thanks for their understanding. If our valued users still finding some errors in getting access to the service, they must sign in again after closing out all browsers.”

The post says that the problem resolved after two hours, but according to some sources hotmail users had to face similar sort of problem till midnight, and many users even still facing problems which indicates that the issue has not been completely resolved yet.