Sharp rise in Netbooks sales in 3Q

There is a clear cut firestorm in the new breed of small, but so-called netbooks, but the question rises how many of them have been sold by Asus.

Market researcher IDC says that data for Europe, Africa and the Middle East show that more than two million netbooks has been sold in those regions during the third quarter of this year.

While in the total computer markets there is only 28 million sales in that period with a healthy seven percent share of netbooks and that is indeed quite impressive for a category that didn’t have existence 18 months back.

It’s not surprising at all that Ausu and Acer have a lion share of 80 percent of those mini laptop sales. It seems that HP, Samsung and others are also getting ready for the big fight in the coming months.

According to IDC, the laptop manufacturers may see a sharp rise in sales (up to four million) in the last quarter of this year. The important thing is whether any room will there for full-sized laptops in the coming days.

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