Last night, TV distribution specialist PSCo organized an event in London to uncover some real big machines of the telly world. Sharp’s 108-inch TV, which was announced at CES way back in 2007, also made its debut in the UK in this very event.

The event wasn’t all about Sharp’s giant LCD, as a 103” touchscreen plasma from Panasonic was also there.

It is quite evident that these tellys have not been made for the general consumer market, and they would be used in commercial environment like airports and supermarkets.

PSCo informed that these LCD screens are being used in Japan in a cinema hall and it’s true that the screen is big enough to be used for the cinema.

During the past few years, various LCD TV makers have been trying to match or even exceed plasma as consumers’ first choice for the big-screen. However, many people at the event were of the view that mega-screen TVs may be the things to consider in the end.

According a Sharp’s spokesman, it is possible that the current 108-inches may serve as the biggest possible size for LCD for quite some time and it’s not about technological limitations, but for consumer demands.

“There are some footballers, who are looking for such a giant TVs that can adjust nicely in their big mansions,” he added.

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