Skype Offers Video Service on TVs

Video Service

Reuters New York has reported that Skype plans to offer video service to major TV manufacturers. They have approached LG Electronics and Panasonic to incorporate their this unique development.

Skype seems to revolutionize the internet service by placing it within TV, in the home living room atmosphere. A deal has been forged with possibilities of High-Definition TVs adapted to this service will appear in the market around mid-year, manufactured by LG Electronics and Panasonic.


The two renowned makes are all set to demonstrate this innovation service at the Annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

The two electronic giants intend to use Skype in their VT and G series TVs of up to 65 inch sizes. LG will embed it in its 26 LCD and Plasma Screen TVs in many sizes. The televisions with Skype technology will have internet connections and separate web cameras with built-in microphones for viewers desiring to use Skype.

  • Skype announced to attend the electronic show along with its development partners of web camera makers. Skype services are adaptable to computer with a 1.8 Gigahertz processor and high speed broadband connection of 1 megabit per second and up.
  • This major development is in response to the efforts being made jointly by networking giants Cisco Systems Inc. and Polygon Inc. which are developing consumer video conference services with International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).

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