intel-ieee-logoTo upgrade the electricity grid with the integration of digital communications is on US government top priority, but a considerable number of people related to these industries have shown concerns without set standards it wouldn’t prove quite effective.

To find what sort of interoperability standards can really work for better grid technologies, the first meeting of the IEEE will be held next month and it’s Intel that going to host  this meeting. It is being hoped that a large number of representative from the communications, IT and power industries to take part in this meeting at Intel’s HQ in Santa Clara, Calif.

Smart grid can’t be called only one particular type of technology, as it’s a name of the idea to make electricity supply more innovative with the latest digital technologies. The new systems will make it a lot easier to manage the electricity distribution quite efficiently and consumers will be able to make out of the most of lower rates.


A fund of US$4.5 has been dedicated to install smart-grid technologies by the federal Recovery Act. Various IT and smart-grid start-up companies have developed some equipment for this purpose and that also include big names like Cisco, IBM and Intel. All these companies have eyes on potential revenues of this industry.

A large number of smart-gird utility trial programs are being done in different parts of the world, but to adopt these technologies quickly, there is a dire need of effective interoperable products.

According to Chuck Adams, the president of the IEEE Standards Association, “There are a lot of things that indicate its workability, but if it can’t be captured with the first $4.5m investment, we may lose a big opportunity.”

The standard project of IEEE has been named as P2030 and it may help to tackle different aspects related to smart grid.

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