Just like many other devices’ makers, cell phone industry is also struggling against worldwide recession. But juniper analysts say that smartphone sales will see a tremendous increase of 300m during the next four years.

According to Juniper analysts the increase in the sales of higher end cell phones will be the major contributory factor in this connection.

The report says that the smartphones market will capture 23% of the cell phone market and saw a massive 95% increase by the end of 2013.

Juniper Analysts also say the raise in smartphones demands would be mainly due to the popularity of web-enabled cell phones.

Andrew Kitson, who authored the report, says, “The process of making the cell phone devices more and more internet-centric is underway that turning cell phone devices into highly personalised cell-phone computers.”

“Every now and then, you can see new changes in forms and designs of these cell phone devices, as you can larger touchscreen with more and more astounding features.

“In the coming some years, they would be content and software that will lead the form and shape of next-gen cell phones. Many big guns like Nokia is sparing no effort to develop highly personalised devices.”