Solar-powered Apple iPhone case arrives

Apple once again has redirected the world of technology by introducing Solar Powered Apple iPhone case. Although the concept of solar energy is not new, yet Apple has presented it in a new way.

The new leather case of iPhone is not just a regular case, but it is a solar charger. Now you can enjoy the iPhone for longer period of time without any interruption.

The problem of low battery in a short time period now can be resolved without much effort. Just buy the new case, and enjoy longer work hours.


This case has a small internal emergency charger battery built into the case, and a solar panel on the outside. You can also plug the solar charger directly into your phone, the choice is solely yours.

The market today is filled up with devices using solar energy. This technology was launched successfully in 1957, when a solar radio was marketed, smaller in size than iPhone. But the problem with iPhone had been its high consumption of energy, which the other devices do not face.

iPhones are remarkable advanced devices, and their requirement of more energy is likely to be resolved, but concerns are still existing.

According to Michael Filler, a Caltech postdoctoral scholar specializing in photovoltaics, we would need 250,000 to 1 million solar powered wrist watches in order to power a single iPhone.

We must also keep in mind that iPhone will be used for some time, whereas, these watches will work 24/7.

The problem with a solar charger is likely to occur in a cloudy day, or if someone is bound to stay indoors for longer hours. The energy concerns are still there to be checked and establish the new case charger as a success.


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