It’s not specific to the Earth Day to do something worthwhile for mother earth, if you really love it and want to make it a safe and healthy place for your offspring, you need to think about and do something regularly instead of just making promises on this day.

Your actions depend on your intentions and one thing is certain that you will definitely reap the benefits of it sooner or later if you do so with good intentions. Don’t think about big leaps right now; just try to be initiative with a small step.

You can prolong your hardware life by decreasing energy output particularly of your netbook or laptop and save some greenbacks with the intentions of making things green.

Here are some other apps that seem to provide a helping hand to your good intentions to save flora of your surroundings.


Auto Shutdown

Most of us reckon it not less than a mammoth task when we have to shutdown our computer after getting things done. So, Auto Shutdown freeware will do it for you if you don’t like to do it yourself. A computer that runs perpetually kills energy brutally and this app can help avoid this brutal killing.


Vista Battery Save

Those vista users that want to contract energy footprints, they can get a good start with Vista Battery Saver, as the freeware disables some Vista features especially at the time when you they shorter energy reserves and big things to do ahead. Those who are running Vista on limited batteries in their laptops, this app can be very handy for them.



Those who want to know how much money and energy they save after tightening up their PC shutdown and sleep schedules Edison for Windows Vista and XP this one-stop app can do things for them. With the help of a slider, you can easily decide how long you want your PC display and hard drive shutdown at the peak of work day.


Google’s energy-saving gadget

These efficient Google apps monitor your energy savings through your Google Desktop dashboard. But you need offer some concessions like shutting down or hibernate your computer in short intervals.

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GreenPrint Home Premium

Did you ever count the number of extra pages that you really required when taking some print outs of some web page and the number of sheets that recycle after replicating this page? All we agree that it is better for the environment if it is inking is avoided in the unwanted extras and GreenPrint Home Premium can be very helpful in this connection.


Google Earth

To celebrate the Earth day, no other way can be better than diving in its oceans, exploring its far off corners and try to know maximum about its every nook and cranny. With its new impressive tools, this extensive application has become a real stand-out and the nicest thing about the program is to take part in its global community of map makers who are working together to inhabit this digital Earth of Google.


Coral Reef screensaver

You need a Corel Reef 3D screensaver with all its bright and dark creatures if diving into Google’s digital ocean is not your choice and make you feel detach. All that can give a soothing effect to your perturb senses with the calming zeal and zest of the ocean and things become quite fascinating for you though for a short while.


These are some apps that can help you to make your bond even stronger with your surrounding world by avoid putting extra burden on it with your energy-dumping existence.