Details of all the juicy specs with a handful of mystifying slides have been published by Engadget that surface further details about Dell’s UMPCs.


Dell E Classic, Dell E video, Dell E video plus, Dell E slim and Dell E slim plus are appeared to be those five models that will be the part of coming “Dell E” series. More choices to those consumers who look at the Asus EEE PC and MacBook Air computers have been offered by this series. However, the prices will settle only if consumers settle a good deal Dell.
Some specs in a nutshell

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Dell E Classic: Great for web browsing and sending email, it’s targeting first time PC buyers.8.9-inch screen, no web cam, useable with Windows XP/Linux ,4GB flash HDD 512MB DDR2 and 802.11g Wi-Fi are there.
Dell E video: The targets are students, travelers; teens and who those want have a second computer. With optional colors like pink, yellow and blue it weighs around 2.2 pounds and it has 8.9-inch screen, webcam, 8GB flash HDD and 1GB DDR.
Dell E Video+: Exceptional for web browsing and entertainment that’s why there is a 8.9 inch screen, 12GB flash HDD, 802.11g Wi-Fi, web cam etc. It’s available only in black.

Dell E Slim: A good item for social networking and efficiency. There are many but main competitor is the MacBook Air. This is available in gray and has a 12.1 inch screen, IGB DDR2, 40GB 1.8HDD, web camera and 802.11g wi-Fi.
Dell E Slim+: Another good addition for education and social networking .There is a 12.1 inch screen, 60GB 1.8 HDD, 802.11g Wi-Fi web camera ant it works with Windows XP as well as Linux. Silver and black are available colors.

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