Sony ICF-CL75IPThis product from Sony is an alarm clock with digital frame and dock features that can be attached to your iPod or iPhone. Among different types of alarm clocks, iPod or iPhone features this particular model is really a very interesting one that should be gracing your collection of gadgets.

This is handy and stylish with loads of features to please you. The information that should be coming with it is unbelievable. This is one of plushest looking items that Sony has released in recent times. This is one of the greatest fusion elements that have ever been up in a gadget.

One of the most advanced products that Sony has ever produced has to be this since the release of the Dream Machine that had the brightest colorful features coming along with a 7 inch WVGA camera. This could take totally breathtaking photographs that you could ever think of.

 sCredit: sonyinsider

The built-in storage facilities as well as USB load features are certain items to be reckoned with. The retractable iPhone or iPod dock is all about setting the tone of the feature as well as loading the unit in a very easy way. Playing the music through MP4, Motion JPEG and AVI are also some of the most incredible features that grace the unit. The FM/AM channels bring about great many options and about 39 total presets.

Source: sonyinsider

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