Sony Agrees to Come up with a 3-year Old Support System

South Africa Mobile Library Project

South Africa Mobile Library ProjectSony is now about to support through their 3 year old program for South Africa Mobile Library project that is going to provide them with 2nd hand books for children in South Africa.

This is going to be working through NGO SAPESI or the South African Education Support Initiative. This comes with Sony Corporation with the outreach of some of the most interesting agreement with the Ministry of Education of Free State. The South Africa Mobile Library Project is all about bringing some of the most interesting as well as productive 3 year study from 2009 to 2011 with this plan.

The book donation campaign is all about bringing about 20,000 books with 18,000 English as well as 2,000 indigenous language books coming as project. From about 2,000 indigenous books to choose from and other projects to combine with that as well, this is going to be one of the most productive structures that is coming through the book donation club.

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