3D TV Channel

3D TV ChannelSony, Discovery and Imax have announced that their new 24 hour 3D TV channel would bring in some of the best “take aways” through CES 2010 process. This keeps expanding the idea of media through launching new 3D TV with some of the very announcements about bringing in a whole new way of interacting with new age media.

The 3D Sports Channel is going to be released this summer with the very great coincidence with the World Cup going to be held in South Africa. Sony is bringing up new announcements with up to date 2011 sports events that will be available through 3D. There are going to be high class sports, entertainment as well as history along with rather great program planning.

Sony Corporation chairman, Howard Stringer, has been working to break away through new ventures with the brand and fresh consumer migration that are going to break through in new ways. There are going to be new and better as well as richer entertainment resources. These have been bringing determination in the new leading ways through which the world can be provided in the best ways around the world.

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