3-31-08-w4000_lcd.jpgSony just added another feather into its cap by launching W4000-Series lineup, a member of the Bravia Family. It can be easily termed as the new star attraction and a dollop for the gadget enthusiasts. The features are a touch superior to its previous launches making it a sheer pleasure for comfortable television viewing and another endeavour towards making home a cinematic destination.

Dealing with salient features what catches the eye first is the resolution i.e. 1920 x 1080p and picture enhancement processor that is Bravia Engine 2.This is certainly a must buy for people who want to create bioscopic ambience at their homes as this new launch from Sony entails a viewing angle of 178 degrees. Chic and classy signal processing carried out by the BRAVIA ENGINE 2 gives a depth opulence and clarity unique to Sony BRAVIA TVs.

10-bit signal processing 3 and a 10-bit LCD panel4 yield 1024 shades of gradation between colors compared to the 256 available from normal 8-bit panels. In other words 64 times more colors, meaning a huge step closer to the subtle tones of real life. Sony certainly fulfills its promise to take TV viewing to another level by this latest launch. The exceptionally unusual effect of these technologies working together is called Live Color Creation™, and is an indispensable part of what makes BRAVIA TVs visibly superior, and unique.

Sony Bravia W4000-Series LCD TV also features a singular Wide Color Gamut Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp that propels the backlight spectrum in a more vibrant manner and texture. The very out of the ordinary effect of these technologies working together is called Live Color Creation. The TV also ropes xvYCC color space6 for images that are in motion. The TV also entails in itself a special feature of 24p True Cinema mode for displaying the films at the actual 24 frames per second that the Cine cameras actually film. This special feature makes it an attraction devoid of any phonetic loopholes and nearly stimulates all the inklings and choices that an individual carries to shop when he or she plans to buy a TV.

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